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What's the difference between analog HD signals? Is it universal?
Answer:At present, there are four signal modes in analog HD and they are AHD,TVI,CVI,CVBS.The biggest difference is that the operating frequency is different, and secondly the same mode distinguishes a variety of signals according to different resolutions and different frame rates. The cameras and DVR from different signal sources cannot be docked, so it is necessary to ensure that the type of signal output by the camera is the same as the signal type supported by DVR, otherwise there will be an abnormal image phenomenon.
No image or abnormal image (black and white,black edge, distortion) after the camera is connected to the DVR/XVR
Possible Cause 1: Signal mode mismatch
Solution: Verify that the output mode of the camera is consistent with the mode supported by DVR, modify the output mode of the camera or modify the DVR input mode in case of inconsistency;
Possible Cause 2:Signal resolution mismatch
Solution: Confirm whether the camera pixels and the current output pixels match the DVR.Usually the high-pixel DVR can be compatible with the low-pixel signal, replace the corresponding pixel DVR or reduce the camera pixel;
Possible Cause 3: Signal frame rate error
Solution: The hybrid camera can usually support multiple frame rate output, if the image is not displayed, switch the camera to CVBS mode first and then it can display video. Then confirm the highest pixel supported by DVR and its corresponding mode and frame rate, then adjust the camera to the signal type supported by DVR through OSD.
Normal image, but the DVR can not control the camera menu
Possible Cause 1: The camera does not support coaxial functionality
Solution: Make sure the camera motherboard is configured with a coaxial function or not, if you check the BOM, you can normally see (CC) logo behind the model on the mother board.
Possible Cause 2:The DVR protocol is not set or operated in the right way
Solution: Firstly find the PTZ interface of DVR,make sure that the PTZ interface is coaxial control instead of RS485 control, then set the PTZ protocol to coaxial, and the protocol can be changed to the corresponding mode protocol.